About Dachshunds


Three Dachshunds

Many of us were introduced to Dachshunds during childhood.  The Dachshunds of our youth had fur that absorbed many a tear, for they were always there when we needed a friend.  Others found the breed after reaching adulthood.  No matter when you’re introduced to living with a Dachshund you will be amazed at how they intertwine your thoughts and warm your lap!

A well bred Dachshunds will live easily 10-14 years.  Please keep this in mind as you think about purchasing one for yourself, your child or your elderly parent.  The main caretaker of the household will ultimately be responsible for training and upkeep of your Dachshund, be sure you’re ready for this long-term commitment!  Food for thought: Dachshunds come in three coats and two sizes!  The most common of which is the smooth coated miniature.

Our club members field many calls from current Dachshund owners and prospective Dachshund owners.  You have no idea how many calls we get with requests for a “miniature, smooth, red, female” Dachshund.  If this is what you want, prepare to be patient!  If you’re open to the other coats and sizes you will have a wonderland of Dachshunds to consider!  Please click on this link for the AKC Standard it describes all three coats and both sizes.  The Dachshund Club of America website is also an excellent source of information about Dachshunds.  We are proud that they are our Parent Club!